Superman Meet Superman! MOGO's newest Furr-Ever-Friend comes to us from the Chicago Canine Rescue Shelter


At MOGO, we are all about connections and that includes the special connection between kids and animals. That's why we created MOGO Furr-Ever-Friends, a nationwide animal rescue and support program. Through the Furr-Ever-Friends initiative, MOGO will sponsor a rescued animal every month and contribute up to $1,000 to support the health and well-being of that animal. Look for Patrick, our MOGO Furr-Ever-Friends spokesperson (and rescued Italian greyhound) who will blog about a rescued furry friend each month. MOGO and animals: we just click!

Furr-Ever-Friend of the Month!

Hi there, Patrick, MOGO Rescue Blogger here. I would like to introduce Superman. He got that nickname because he survived a 2nd story fall. Superman, how did you do it? I looked at your x-rays and see that you have some broken bones. I talked to the kind humans here at MOGO and they agreed to give $1,000 to Chicago Canine Rescue so that you can get some medical treatment and continue to be the Super-D-Dooper Dog that you are! I love you man!!